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Edits programs with syntax highlighting
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Modify various programs with a set of tools like a hex editor, a text analyzer identifying differences, macros, a spellchecker, a code explorer, etc. Multiple syntax highlighting profiles also include multiple project templates and an option for automated code completion.

PSPad is intended for editing simple text and code. In this regard, the tool supports various convenient features, such as syntax highlighting, hex editing and autocompletion. Its interface is quite similar to those of other programs of its type, though outdated and much less minimalistic. It is good that there is accompanying help documentation in case you have any questions.

Fortunately, the editor supports a wide range of programming languages, including VB Script, CSS, C++, Fortran, HTML and Java. Moreover, you do not need to start from scratch; instead, you can use any of the available templates. In this regard, it is very convenient that the program helps you recall the syntax of the selected language functions. Similarly, there are spell language packs downloadable from the developer’s site, which come in handy not only for writing code but standard text as well.

Regrettably, PSPad is not free from drawbacks. For instance, it seems to find a hard time working with large projects. Likewise, different from other similar tools, there are not enough keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity. Some users have also noticed that the autocomplete function not always works as expected, as it sometimes suggests wrong words. Finally, it a shame that it does not support using wildcards in your searches.

In general, PSPad is a good solution if you need to write standard text or code. It is great for those users working on a budget as it is available absolutely free for any purpose, personal or commercial. There are various downloads available from the developer’s site, some of them portable. Similarly, you should know that there are beta versions there, too.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various programming languages
  • Performs searches directly from its window
  • Syntax highlighting, hex editing and autocompletion tools


  • Seems to find a hard time working with large projects
  • Not enough keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity
  • The autocomplete function may not always work as expected
  • Does not support using wildcards in your searches
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